Sovereign Money is a platform that aims to improve the financial security of communities across the world. In Sovereign Money, you would use HTMLcoin as the gas that fuel the transaction. Every transaction is stored on the Althash blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and reliability.

Now think of it as getting freedom from traditional financial institution like banks. Commercial banks make money by leveraging on interests, causing price inflation, high level of debts and widening gap between the rich and the poor. Failure by the bank may result to you losing wealth via decrease in interest in your deposited money.

So how is SVM different? With SVM, you’d be sure that your wealth is sustainable as it is algorithmically fixed, your wealth increases value slowly and sustainably and won’t be manipulated by banks or government.

You don’t have to worry about security and privacy as SVM makes sure that your details are kept privately and safely.
Are you also looking for a loan? You can get a loan with no interest in SVM. There’s no accrued interest on the money itself, regardless of how it enters or exits circulation.